Energy Demand Profile

Using ACR SmartReader Data Loggers to Expose Electricity Use

The cost of energy is substantial – it is underestimated how simply changing usage patterns can contribute to savings. ACR Data Logging Solutions provide an effective means of collecting and presenting data for Electrical Load Profiling.

Energy audits leave few areas of operation to guesswork. However, the usage profile over time is often not considered since the cost of the real time monitoring infrastructure can be quite significant. The energy audit looks for cost savings in retrofitting equipment rather than making existing equipment run more efficiently. Installing an Electric Current Data Logger attached to branch circuits will reveal information not otherwise obtainable. A portable 10-year self-powered data logger is versatile as it can be deployed easily, without reworking the system. Electrical demand is recorded 24/7/365 regardless of system complexity.

Application Document

Energy Demand Profile (PDF)

Recommended Products

Recommended Software

  • TrendReader 2
    Powerful Windows-based graphing and analysis software for the SmartReader Plus Series, the IAQ, OWL, and Nautilus data loggers.

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