What is a Data Logger?

Data Logger Definition

Data Loggers are data acquisition devices that take readings at a pre-set interval and store them away in the internal memory for download later.

ACR Data Loggers are self-contained portable battery-powered instruments that can be deployed anywhere. The companion Trending software presents the data as a graph for analysis, helping to make informed decisions. Their extended battery life prevents data loss, when the information collected is of paramount importance.

What types of phenomena can be measured with a Data Logger?

  • Temperature - Room / Sub-Zero / Extreme Hot
  • Relative Humidity - Dewpoint
  • AC Current / Voltage - Single Phase / 3-Phase
  • Pressure - Barometric / Absolute / Gauge
  • Process Signal - Any Transducer / Sensor
  • Pulse - Flow / Speed / Consumption
  • Voltage Disturbances - Power Quality
  • Gases - Indoor Air Quality

What are some applications where ACR Data Loggers have been used?

ACR's principal markets are HVAC-R (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning-Refrigeration), Electrical and Process Industries. Many other specialty niches have been found for ACR Data Loggers in Aerospace, Agriculture, Conservation-Preservation, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Research & Development, Transportation and Motor Sport. ACR's Data Loggers are used by multi-national corporations and government institutions in unique ways. Whatever the application, ACR Data Loggers are an indispensable tool for performance measurement, auditing verification, liability management, system profiling and process optimization.

Why would I need to use a data logger?

ACR Data Loggers help find the answers to questions regarding Accountability, Efficiency, Quality, and Liability by collecting data over an extended period of time with a high degree of accuracy. They expose information that is often revealing and cannot be found easily by other means. ACR's Data Loggers have a Ten-Year Battery which ensures data is captured regardless of infrastructure status and are accessible remotely for convenience - this creates a truly burden-free data logging experience. 

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