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The ACR Proven Data Logging Difference

ACR Data Loggers out-perform and out-last competitors products due to the construction techniques and materials chosen to guarantee that data is available at the end of the recording session.

ACR is committed to providing superior products and service as demanded by leaders in industry. Not all data loggers are equal and the axiom "You get what you pay for" still holds true. All of ACR's products are designed and manufactured under a rigorous quality control scheme that allows us to back up our claims with the best warranties in the business.

What are the differences between ACR Data Loggers and others?

  • ACR has the longest proven Battery Life: 5, 10 and 15* years depending on model / application
  • All our Data Loggers are protected from harsh environments
  • Convenient interfaces between workstation computers and device networks
  • Built under ISO9001:2008 processes focused on customer satisfaction

   *15 years expected battery life when connected to external power supply


Proven 10-Year Battery Life

Time and time again ACR's Technology has proven itself to be the best for gathering real-world data. With trade-in programs that offer-up working units that are well over 10-years old, we pride ourselves on marketing the best product of its kind. Professionals expect to have tools that will meet the task at hand especially when faced with recording data that is critical to keeping projects on time and on budget. It is imperative to choose a logger that will last the duration and provide all the information collected in a concise and efficient manner. ACR Proven Data Logging Solutions, including hardware and software, are the only products in the World that are up for the challenge.

Protection from Harsh Environments

ACR Data Loggers are protected from the elements by ecapsulating the electronics in a specially formulated rubberized coating. Since it is not known where a data logger may ultimately end up - exposed to pollutants, in the outdoors, or simply dropped from a ladder, every logger is made resilient to mechanical, environmental and chemical exposure. For instance, the plastics used have properties that protect not only the components inside, but also the information held within. Simple things can make a difference, such as having heat radiation colors compared to competitors' black body solar collectors - especially important when making thermal measurements, or use of standard-sized terminals that are pluggable so field wiring is simple.

Convenient User Interfaces

ACR Software Solutions are proven to work on the latest Windows Operating Systems and Interface Cable drivers are registered with Microsoft for plug and play ease. Whether dealing with one logger or many, TrendReader software manages the connections, automatically displays a graph or tabular view accessing data files intuitively with a MS Office-like environment. Overlaying data from different Graph files is easy with the Graph List panel, which allows drag-drop functionality to build a tree of files and select individual lines to Plot on one page - no other off-the-shelf data logging software has the same capability.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

With a dedicated Customer Support staff, ACR is ready to answer questions, remedy problems and handle returns whether for calibration, battery replacement or warranty issues. This adds value for the life-time of the product that other manufacturers either charge for or ignore. ACR's Customer Satisfaction rating is the highest in the Portable Self-Contained Data Logger industry, achieving close to 100% overall. It is important to select a Company that will stand behind its product when purchasing an offering made for long-term deployment.

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