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The hardest working data loggers in the industry delivering critical, accurate data capture for over 30 years! Regardless of application, environment, or budget, we have the right logger for you monitoring everything from temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and other gases to AC current/voltage, pulse, process signal, and pressure.

IAQ Logger Five-channel indoor air quality logger with a 10-year battery life
JR-1001 Low-cost, intrinsically safe temperature data logger.
JR-2000 Longest lasting single channel USB data logger supporting the widest temperature range
Nautilus135 Single-Channel Waterproof High Temperature Data Logger
Nautilus85 Single-channel, waterproof temperature data loggers with 3 to 10-year battery life
Owl 100 - Temperature - Water Resistant POLY Single-channel Internal Temperature Data Logger
OWL 200 Single-channel External Temperature Data Logger
OWL 400 Single-channel DC Voltage Data Logger
OWL 500 Single-channel DC Current Data Logger
SmartButton Starter Pack (USB) Smallest, lowest-cost single-channel data logger with 1-year warranty
SmartReader Plus 1 2-channel temperature data logger
SmartReader Plus 10 4-channel temperature data logger
SmartReader Plus 2 4-channel relative humidity & temperature data logger
SmartReader Plus 3 8-channel AC Current, Voltage & Temperature Data Logger
SmartReader Plus 4 - 10 WC - 128 KB 4-channel pressure, temperature & relative humidity data logger
SmartReader Plus 4 LPD 2-channel low pressure differential data logger
SmartReader Plus 5 - 32 KB 3-channel temperature data logger
SmartReader Plus 6 8-channel temperature data logger
SmartReader Plus 7 8-channel process signal data logger