SmartReader Plus 3

8-channel AC Current, Voltage & Temperature Data Logger

The SmartReader Plus 3 easily and accurately records AC Current and Voltage (requires separate transducer). Simply connect the logger to ACR's current probes which are then clamped around the conductors, wire the voltage transducer option and begin recording. From this data, total energy consumption (kWh) can be determined for a given period using TrendReader® software.


  • Energy Usage Profile - Real Power (kW) *

  • Power Consumption Monitor - Energy Delivered (kWh)

  • Electrical Load Study - Apparent Power (kVA)

  • 2 or 3 Phase Balancing - Amperage (A)

Ordering Information

ModelMemoryCatalog #Order
SRP-003-5V-32K32 KB01-0011Buy Now
SRP-003-5V-128K128 KB01-0140Buy Now
SRP-003-5V-1.5M1.5 MB01-0144Buy Now


Equations for Energy Use Profiling - Real Power (kW) *


Current Ranges*0.5 to 250 Amps w/ CT-253 Current Probe
Nominal Voltages120, 240, 480, and 600 VAC
1500 Vrms Isolation between CT Core and Data Logger
AccuracyCurrent Transducer: +/- 3.5% FS (above 10% of Range)
Voltage Channels: +/- 0.5% FS (5 VDC)

Current Probes

Voltage Transducers Optional

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