TrendReader for SmartButton

Windows-based graphing and analysis software specifically for SmartButton data loggers.

TrendReader® for SmartButton is an enhanced software package designed for the ACR SmartButton Temperature Recorder. This easy-to-use software incorporates the advantages of simple functionality with advanced features that are normally associated with more expensive data acquisition software.

TrendReader® for SmartButton supports multiple languages including:

 English• French (Canadian)
• Chinese (Simplified)• German
• Japanese• Spanish
• Portuguese (Standard)• Portuguese (Brazilian)

Key Features

  • Powerful, versatile and easy-to-use
  • Quick and simple downloads
  • USB Interface
  • Zooming and graph control
  • Export capabilities

Downloading and Communicating with Data Logger

Downloading and communicating with the SmartButton could not be more simple: all you do is insert the SmartButton into the USB interface cable, connect the cable to an available USB port on your PC and launch the TrendReader® for SmartButton Software.

Setting Up SmartButton

Configure the SmartButton in the Edit Setup section. Set your sample rate, mode, method and alarm thresholds, change the name of the logger, and activate the start delay. All of this allows for a fast and easy logger setup.

Viewing and Exporting Data

Data can be viewed in a graphical and tabular data format with TrendReader® for SmartButton. With the graph displayed on the screen, you can zoom in to see more details or you can print the graph to any Windows-compatible printer. Use the export function to export your data to other programs for further analysis. Data can be exported in ASCII or CSV text formats or to BMP or PDF graphical formats.

Ordering Information

ModelDescriptionCatalog #Order
TrendReader for SB on CDTrendReader® for SmartButton Software on CD34-0045Buy Now
TrendReader for SB (License)TrendReader® for SmartButton Software (License Only)91-0042Buy Now
ACRSB-USB-SPSmartButton Starter Pack (USB)01-0182Buy Now
ACRSB-1SmartButton (Single)01-0180Buy Now
ACRSB-5SmartButton (5-Pack)01-0184Buy Now
ACRSB-25SmartButton (25-Pack)01-0185Buy Now

To download a fully functional copy of TrendReader for SmartButton Software, click here.  (Available by download for a limited time only.)

Access the TrendReader for SmartButton Manual here.

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