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The most inexpensive, compact, easy to use power supply indicator ideal for everything from automotive and transportation applications to more industrial power verification uses - Use with all 120V Circuits

The ACR PowerChek power supply indicator lets you know if your block heater, or any other electrical appliance that needs to be powered is working. PowerChek has two indicator lights, green indicates current is available and red indicates it's getting to your appliance.

  • Know that your blocker heater or other equipment has failed when you plug it in
  • Works on any electrical load by telling you that critical current is flowing through the circuit
  • Every operating circuit requires both voltage and current in order to successfully deliver power
  • PowerChek lets you quickly determine that you have both. Green indicates voltage is present and red confirms that current is flowing.
  • Highly visible from several feet. Know from the comfort of your home or office that your vehicle is ready to go when you are
  • Pays for itself the first time you avoid a tow call or a missed day of work. Never be stranded again
  • Guaranteed to work every time and allows you to enjoy peace of mind


PowerChek Power Supply Indicator.

Available in North America 120V Only.


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